sexta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2013

The panda bear is shy

Sintonia com o Urso Panda The panda bear is shy
Comes from China
Eat the bamboo shoots
not hibernates
And are calm.
Her two cubs are born in winter
And why end their native forests,
Today they are endangered.
I woke up with a tune with Panda Bear. It is almost a syndrome.
A slow song that anchors me,
I think today, I live another rhythm,
A symphony,
And now fuck among the trees,
In a forest uninhabited by humans,
I'll stay here, inert and dead,
Like a good therapist, just watching and cornered.
Where all the feelings I inhabit.
For some reason ...
Today callus.
I'll give vent to their feelings.

Good day.
Rio de Janeiro, October 25, 2013, Diana Balis.
A world without Bears Pandas, would not be the same, is not it?

Um comentário:

  1. Se tem 3 bichinhos que sempre fui apaixonada são: panda, koala e o golfinho.
    A imagem deles me transmitem alegria e bondade.

    bjokas =)